Having learned better than to tempt Fate’s hand when matched against the former High Commander, Belle dared not linger to sate any manner of masochistic curiosity regarding his crystal forearm, turning tail soon as she caught sight of its crimson sheen, instead. “Th-that’s a negatory…!”

"—A word?" Pitch darkened with irritation kept modest by many a regal routine, yet not immune to the animosity starting to bubble within his chest plate though he kept up his highbrow argot in hopes to still her. The menacing glow from the rear suggested she listen.

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Lilty Skittle by ~belyaal
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The Yuke’s thoughts had been disrupted by a new presence entering her space. Her golden helm turned toward the one that had entered her thoughts and dragged her out. A Lilty, rather tall she should say, and familiar in the looks.

Ah! That was right, he was there to witness when she first trudged her way out of the edge reality. Not only he witnessed that, the Lilty also witnessed her taking back the Yukish Crystals that were rightfully her clan’s.

»I suppose you’re here for the Crystals I ‘stole’.

Public image and initial shock were not present this time to pacify his disdain. Certainly it was not that day. Nor a day that he would have fathomed seeing this Yuke again— living.

Rounding the last of nature’s impromptu stairs with a heave of behemothic form, the Lilty stayed himself, and his bigotry, into the half hunched position he had ended with; mocking a bow. Schemes of an apartheid danced in his head, making impossible a mask of amity. He bothered not to even try.

"If you would be so kind,” holds the sibilant sound provocatively, beckoning with armored hand. 

Anonymous said: What would be your first action as ruler of the new world?

    [startles even himself with the suddenness of his derisive snort and matching tone. Although he denies it, the coy lift of his chin gives the accusation credence.]

You think me so ambitious?

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She drew back with a dramatic flinch, as if his desire had manifest. “Ugh, that’s cold,” was all Belle managed past rising bile, body fearful though her mind rebelled, thoughts consumed with the safety of those she might call friends. 

The fern hued juncture between his brow and bridge puckered with gratification. “Merely fact, yet,” he rotated a sidelong glance for a more permanent leer in her direction, armored digits uncoiling expressly for malintent. “You are not so lucky to have that immunity.” A shallow stride was taken, disrupting her thoughts with the telltale muted clatter of protective plates. “Isn’t that right?”

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Anonymous said: Suppose you had a son. Would you want to raise him to follow in your rootsteps or let him follow his own dreams?

'Follow his dreams'?

     [this was a searchlight in which the Lilty had to balk]

Certain binding concerns warrant regulation.

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Anonymous said: How did you feel when you found out the guy you tried to kill wasn't dead?

     [though that list was certainly long, he could not purge the notion of a particular name sitting at the top. However, as he kept at bay a sneer, he brushed off being dissuaded to acknowledge the one.]

You’ll need to be more specific than that.

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